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Who We Are

PalVision is the leading solutions provider focused on developing converged technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Headquartered in Singapore, PalVision supplies its class leading solutions to clients across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with superior maintenance and technical support services 24/7.

Our Mission

With a longstanding track record in delivering high-quality solutions to some of the world's leading hotels, PalVision aims to continuously deliver cutting-edge solutions at competitive prices which will revolutionize the way you communicate, interact, and entertain your clients.


Founded in 1989 the team poineered the introduction of free-to Guest video solutions in Asia Pacific. Today PalVision has expanded and deployed its IPTV hospitality solutions in numerous countries.

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PalVision is a One-Stop solution provider offering converged guest-facing solutions including:
• eCheck-In
• PalSignage
• PalTV
• PalTV Cloud
• GuestFone
• iMenu
PalVision is a manufacturer of hardware and with its R&D centres develops its solutions in-house, making PalVision the most cost-effective solutions provider in the market..

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PalVision offers services such as:
• Infrastructure Deployment
• LAN/Fibre
• IP-over-Coax
• Network switching
• Project Management & Consulting
• 24×7 Support Services.

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PalVision holds direct/primary licenses with all the major content owners, including movies, music and gaming content, as part of its content provisioning business.

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Made to revolutionize the guest experience with real-time information, entertainment & services at their fingertips...

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Chromecast is designed to make the most of the apps and entertainment already on your phone. Shows, movies, live TV...

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PalVision’s eCheck-In is a digital check-in solution that enables hoteliers to operate more efficiently by offering a new dynamic...

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PalVision’s Breakfast Accounting is a digital food and beverage menu solution that enables restaurants to operate...

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Multi-Channel Systems are platforms that deliver flawless communications optimized for any...

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Deliver your message to your target audience with PalSignage, a cutting-edge digital signage solution comprising a...

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Digital Concierge provides information and services to your guests in various ways. Either as a chatbot, in your Wifi, at...

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Contact centers use various types of advanced technology to help resolve customer issues quickly, to track...

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Virtual Assistant is an advanced A.I. powered solution designed to provide a digital experience throughout...

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Customers are more likely to re-engage if you build personal relationships on ... by creating a lasting emotional..

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PalVision depends on partners to deliver the full value of our products and services, integrated into complete solutions for every region and market in the world. PalVision technologies and solutions help partners secure their customers’ needs by helping them receive maximum returns from their investments. We back that commitment with solid, practical assistance to help you:


PalVision’s Partner Programme aims to deliver superior value, market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities, rewarding partners for their commitment to PalVision. With our Partner Programme, we nurture our relationship through training, rewards and support to help your business succeed. With attractive incentives, rebates, co-marketing tools and other services to support your business.

  • Differentiate product and service offerings to stand apart from competitors
  • Accelerate the results of your time and effort through a shorter sales cycle and more predictable profits

Completely connected to Your Business

Unify our services with third party solutions you use to maximise productivity and automation.


We are not simply an IT company. We are a reliable Hospitality Service Provider and our clients consider us a trusted companion, and not a mere vendor. You can become one, too. As our partner, your business will be uniquely positioned to increase its offerings, obtain value-add benefits, and translate more business opportunities into sales, in addition to all of the following:

  • Access to new revenue streams arising from selling our products and services

  • Additional ancillary revenue streams from project implementation, support services, content(movies, music, games) provision through PalVision’s global licence rights with content owners, etc

  • Access to PalVision’s know-how, training, technical, marketing programs and resources derived from everyday work in the hospitality industry for the last 30 years

  • Opportunities for market differentiation

  • Listing as a Partner on the PalVision’s Partner Locator on www.palvision.com

  • Partner-only communications, marketing programs, promotions and access to our development resources
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